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Resident Physician


Hometown: Bedford, MI
Areas of Interest: Critical Care, Toxicology
Hobbies: Baseball, Intramural sports, Craft brews, My dog (Dexter), Running, Traveling with my wife
Why I chose: The people! I did not meet a group of residents/faculty who were more down to earth than here at UNC. I value the split training experience at WakeMed and UNC as it allows exposure to a wide breadth of varying pathologies and practice environments. Additionally, the resources and faculty at UNC will let me explore the many different career paths available in emergency medicine. Finally, The Triangle is a rapidly growing and changing area. It is exciting to now be apart of that growth and escape the never-ending “greyness” of the Midwestern winters.


Undergrad: University of Michigan
Grad School: University of Michigan (PharmD)
Med School: University of Toledo