Emergency Medicine is one of the most challenging medical specialties. Doctors must be dynamic, diverse and able to adapt to this rapidly evolving field. Emergency Medicine is a discipline that serves a whole community of patients both inside and outside the hospital. Emergency Medicine education at UNC occurs at many levels including community outreach, international outreach, EMS, medical students, residents, and fellowships emphasizing on acute care of patients with episodic illnesses. Click below to learn more about the dynamic EM educational opportunities at UNC.



Originated in 1994 under the leadership of Judith Tintinalli, MD, the residency is now a fully accredited powerhouse of emergency medicine training under the leadership of Nikki Binz, MD. UNC EM residents learn and develop into leading emergency physicians in a supportive and collegial environment where the drive for excellence does not ask us to sacrifice our humanity along the way.



We currently have renowned Fellowships in Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Pediatrics, Geriatrics, and Global Health. We offer three new Fellowships in Administration and Leadership, Education, and Research. These fellowships allow our residents and Emergency Medicine physicians from around the country to develop expertise in issues crucial to the practice of emergency medicine in the 21st century.



Want to be apart of something bigger? Then the Global Emergency medicine subset might interest you. Travel half away around the world and provide care for people in need.



Medical students are a key part of the educational mission of our department.  We are enthusiastic about sharing our expertise in Emergency Medicine with UNC students and visiting students. Under the leadership of Dr. Jonathan Jones, the Medical Student Clerkship Director, our medical student courses teach our students to care for acutely ill emergency patients. We offer courses in Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and Emergency Medicine research.



Ultrasound technology has come a long way, and is a rapidly advancing technology. Here we teach doctors how to use state of the art technology for use in real world applications.