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Our 2021-2022 interview season will be held virtually. We will begin sending out interview invitations to applicants in early October.

Interview days will be approximately 3-4 hours in duration through Zoom. Applicants will have a total of four fifteen-minute interviews throughout the interview day.

Interviewees will be invited to attend one of the weekly resident-led events that will occur every Wednesday at 7 PM EST. These will occur over zoom and take the place of the traditional pre-interview day dinners. The event will include a resident life presentation, a Q&A portion and breakout rooms for applicants to get to know our residents! We strongly encourage applicants to attend one of these events close to their interview dates. There will be flexibility in which week interviewees can attend, as we realize there will likely be overlap with other virtual interview sessions. Additional information regarding these events will be provided with interview day invitations. Feel free to email Felicia ( with questions.