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Preventive Medicine Residents in a didactic session.

The UNC Preventive Medicine Residency offers two years of training, the academic year and the practicum year. The academic year consists of full-time course work in one of several departments of the School of Public Health, leading to the MPH degree. The practicum year is a closely supervised experience that primarily involves completion of a specific preventive medicine research project and an experience in a public health agency. Most successful applicants to the UNC Preventive Medicine Residency have already completed a residency in a primary care specialty.


News & Events

  • Preventive Medicine takes Washington!

    On March 14 and 15 the Preventive Medicine Residency traveled to DC to visit federal health and public health agencies.  Highlights included:  90 minutes with leadership of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMS), including the Chief Medical Officer, and a meeting with the Assistant Secretary of Health, who reports to HHS Secretary Alex … Continued

  • PM Resident Shiara Ortiz-Pujols participates in the Zika-GND project

    In the Zika-GND project, specialists from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, USA and from the UNAN-León Bicentennial participate, through the Infectious Diseases Research Center, CEI.  The project’s objective is to understand the maternal-fetal transmission of Zika and its complications in Nicaragua.  Link below. Unan Leon project website

  • Preventive Medicine at NC Public Health Leaders’ Conference

    On January 24th the Preventive Medicine Residency plus PMR faculty members Marci Morgenlander and Kori Flower attended the NC Public Health Leaders Conference.

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