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Our application process is composed of two portions: Application to our program through ERAS and application to the MPH Program of your choice through SOPHAS (unless you have already completed an MPH). All portions must be completed in order to consider your candidacy. Here is a handy checklist for all required materials.

  1. Apply through ERAS (Due Nov 1st)
    • Include a 2-page personal statement describing your specific interests in preventive medicine and your goals for this training.
    • Through ERAS, please include 3 letters of recommendation, including one from the program director of your clinical residency program. The other two should be from medical staff of your residency training institution.  Please make sure all letters are from your most recent ACGME accredited residency program or fellowship.
    • Include your state medical license information.
  2. Please complete the additional application form and the Acknowledgement of Receipt of Materials prior to an interview. If you are offered an interview, this will be due before the date of the interview.
  3. Apply online to the UNC Graduate School at for application to the desired on-campus degree program (MPH or MSCR) in the School of Public Health (SPH). You must apply separately to the SPH through the SOPHAS system prior to the graduate school application process. Acceptance in the residency program is contingent upon being accepted into the MPH or MSCR program in the SPH.  Deadlines for SPH applications vary by department and are different than the deadline for your Preventive Medicine application.  Please make sure you are aware of all deadlines in your desired program.
    • We recommend that you do not finalize and submit your application to the SPH until you conduct your interview with the Preventive Medicine Residency so that you can discuss your options with residents and faculty.
    • Be aware that if you apply to the online degree program, you are not automatically accepted into the on-campus program.  The on-campus degree program is the one that is required for this Preventive Medicine Residency.
  4. Sign up for the Standardized Acceptance Process (SAP–website to come) when prompted to do so by the Program Coordinator.
  5. Provide an original official medical school transcript directly from the school. (Due within 2 weeks of offer of residency; you may wait until after Match to send this, but if your medical school was overseas, it is better to do this in advance.)  Scans, emails, and ERAS transcripts are not sufficient substitutes.  
  6. After the SAP Match process, if you were a successful candidate, you will be prompted to complete an application to our GME Office through our “Medhub” Portal.
  7. Successful Candidates: Please also submit copies of: 1) your medical license; 2) your residency certificate; 3) MPH transcript if applicable.

Send any application materials to:
Amanda Harvey
Program Coordinator, Preventive Medicine Residency
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Family Medicine 

The deadline to complete the ERAS application is November 1. All applications are reviewed by the residency program faculty.  Interviews will begin October 12th and will be fully virtual again this year.  The interview season will end in January prior to the Standardized Acceptance Process date.

Eligible applicants must:

  1. be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or have a valid J-1 visa;
  2. have completed medical training in an accredited medical school;
  3. have completed at least one year in an ACGME-accredited clinical residency program;
  4. have a current certificate from the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, if applicable; and
  5. have a valid medical license in the United States or be able to obtain one prior to commencing residency.

For more info contact Amanda Harvey, Program Coordinator, at .

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