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Tim Kaiser wanted to make some changes while he was still healthy. So he reached to the Tobacco Free Tar Heels Program for help with quitting and is now tobacco free.

Tobacco Free Tar Heels Success Story: Timothy KaiserTim reached out to Barbara Silver, with the UNC Tobacco Treatment Program. During their first meeting they agreed that using both nicotine patches and lozenges was the best treatment for him. In addition to medications, Tim employed strategies to help distract him from smoking at various times during the day. He liked playing music and hiking, which were healthy activities he used to replace smoking. He also used toothpicks to battle cravings, in addition to nicotine lozenges.

Tim likes the fact that the Tobacco Free Tar Heels Program is completely free – he didn’t have to pay for his patches lozenges, or counseling sessions with Barbara.

He appreciates the support he received from Barbara as well as from his wife, who also quit smoking.

Now that he is tobacco free, he has more energy and doesn’t think about smoking most of the time.  On those occasions when he does, he uses lozenges or toothpicks.

Tim reports that smoking is “not taking up any mental space” Every day gets easier.  He has peace of mind not having to think about it.

If you are interested in quitting tobacco and are a UNC Health Care employee or dependent of an employee, contact  (919-904-4848) to set up an appointment.