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UNC Weight Management Program participant Bridget Paige

This past year, Bridget turned 40 years old and decided it was time for a lifestyle change. “You have to try something different to get something different,” she says. In her case, she wanted new resources and support for weight loss, and she appreciated the convenience of the UNC Weight Management Program.

Bridget calls herself a “success in progress” and notes that sustainable weight loss takes time. She chose not to weigh herself regularly during the program, but she could tell that she was losing weight and clothes were fitting more loosely. She credits the Weight Management group as a source of motivation during her most exhausting weeks. “Next week is a new week. I can do better. We may fall off the wagon and remembering that helped get back on.”

When asked what she would say to someone who is considering joining the program, Bridget says, “Be patient and enjoy the ride.” Her favorite part of the program is attending group sessions to hear and learn from other people’s success, failures, trials, and errors, as well as to share her own. She has also enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people, learn about nutrition labels, participate in more mindful eating, and try new recipes. The next recipe she plans to tackle? Cauliflower that is supposed to taste like fried chicken!

The UNC Weight Management Program has served over 130 UNC Health Care employees and includes both group and individual sessions covering a variety of topics related to diet, physical activity, strategies for weight loss, stress management, and more. Employees report high satisfaction and appreciate the nonjudgmental support and accountability the program provides.

Any UNC Health Care employee with a BMI ≥25 and willingness to make changes to their daily routine is eligible to participate. To find out more please visit our website.

Interested in joining? To enroll, please call 984-974-6519. Please direct any further questions to Stephanie Wilhoit-Reeves.