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UNC Health employee Nini has struggled with her health and weight her “whole life,” and her desire to improve her health increased after developing diabetes while pregnant. After trying to lose weight on her own without success, Nini decided to try the UNC Weight Management Program at Family Medicine.

While working one-on-one with a counselor to make and meet nutrition and exercise goals, Nini saw her weight consistently drop and health markers, like A1C, improve. Nini lost 25 lbs while working with the weight management program and another 10 lbs as she continued to apply the principles and habits she had learned on her own. She is now maintaining a healthy weight with the added benefits of getting off heartburn medication and having more energy.

When considering what made her experience so successful, Nini reflects that her counselor helped her set realistic goals that fit in with her life and her family. She really appreciated the individualized approach and how her counselor collaborated with her each visit to problem solve and set goals.

“It’s not forcing you to stay on a diet, [it’s just] overall helping you to think how to be healthy,” she explains. For her, the behavior change and subsequent weight loss felt “natural,” because the program helped her “gradually change [her] mind.” She notes the psychological aspects of the program helped her develop thinking patterns and a mindset that improved other areas of her life, too.

The Weight Management Program at Family Medicine has served over 180 healthcare employees since its inception in 2015. New members join via attending an orientation session, after which they can choose to engage in individual counseling, group counseling, or both. Any employee with a BMI ≥25 and willingness to make changes to their daily routine can participate.

To find out more please visit our website or email Team Lead, Sarah Sterling.

Ready to enroll? Call the multi-disciplinary weight management referral line at 984-974-6519 and request to enroll in the Weight Management Program at Family Medicine.