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Program Code Implementation

Beginning in FY17, the SOM implemented mandatory program codes on all EHRA Faculty and Non-Faculty funding lines to automate the Productivity process and to identify how much we are truly spending on our specific missions. This memo went out to the Business Managers’ listserv.

Program Code List

Below is a table of the SOM Program Codes. The following documents also contain information regarding this new process.

Administrative Clinical Education Research Other
MC225 – Hospital Contracts Med Director
MC230 – Cores
MC235 – External Contracts (Non-Clinical)
MC238 – Program Support
MC243 – Administration
MC244 – Development
MC248 – Quality/Value Programs
MC250 – Community Outreach
MC205 – Hospital Contracts RVU’s
MC206 – Clinical Contracts (non-patient care)
MC209 – Off Site Clinic
MC252 – Hospital Backstop (excl Funds Flow)

MC253 – Hospital Backstops w/wRVUs (Incl FF)
MC231 – Inpatient
MC232 – Outpatient
MC233 – Incentive payment
MC234 – Clinical External Contracts
MC237 – Hospital Contracts Non RVU’s
MC245 – Clinical
MC249 – Mission Support
MC307 – Additional Duties
MC308 – Clinical – Other Patient Management
MC310 – Off Site RVU’s
MC316 – Clinical External Billing

MC201 -Education Outside SOM
MC203 -Graduate Program – AHS
MC212 – Education
MC236 – Program Directors
MC239 – Education Residency
MC240 – Education Medical Students
MC241 – Education Fellows
MC242 – Graduate Program – SOM
MC311 – ACGME Residency SubSpecialty
MC202 – Research
MC207 – Research – Pilots
MC215 – Pilot Grant – IFF
MC216 – Departmental Research
MC303 – Cost Share Mandatory
MC304 – Cost Share Voluntary
MC305 – Research Pending Award
MC204 – Commitments
MC208 – Rex Women
MC210 – Vendor Relations
MC211 – Fellowships/Scholarships
MC213 – Fees
MC214 – Bond Debt
MC220 – Lectureship
MC221 – Professorship Non Salary
MC226 – Startup
MC227 – Expert Witness
MC246 – Recruitments
MC247 – Enterprise Funds
MC251 – Bonus Pay
MC300 – Kenan Scholars Program
MC301 – Castle program
MC302 – Med Special Teaching
MC306 – Continuing Medical Education
MC309 – On Leave
MC315 – PARS Committee