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How do I request AAV plasmids?

Our AAV packaging and helper plasmids are banked at the NGVB (National Gene Vector Biorepository). To request AAV plasmids via MTA or to view plasmid maps and sequences, please visit the NGVB website.

To request plasmids from a collaborating lab (Deisseroth, Boyden etc), please contact that lab directly.

What do I do if I don’t see expression?

Please email our lab manager, Xinghua Zeng with your lot number and description of the issue. If you’re working with a collaborator construct and we don’t have any other reported issues on the lot, we will refer you to the source lab for further information and clarification.

If the issue is due to our production or purification of the virus, then we will replace at no cost. If it is determined the experimental design, animal model, serotype/construct choice, method of administration, etc. is the cause, then we cannot replace the virus at no cost.

Please see notes on the safety page regarding AAV handling and storage. If virus isn’t kept at -80 until ready to use, undergoes multiple freeze/thaws or is aliquoted smaller than 10ul and/or aliquoted into tubes prone to protein binding, that can result in loss of virus and low or no expression.

What testing do you provide?

  • Research Grade AAV: Titered by qPCR and checked for purity by silver stain. We also periodically analyze lots with TEM for ration of full to empty particles. Additional testing is available on custom preps, please contact Xinghua Zeng for additional information.
  • Research Grade Lentivirus: Titered by p24 gag ELISA. RCR (replication competent retrovirus) safety assays are mandatory for high titer concentrated/purified preps, and optional for high titer non-purified and non-concentrated preps. For additional lentivirus information, please contact Dr. Tal Kafri.