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Shipping Fees

We ship worldwide, and all orders are shipped via FedEx unless otherwise requested. Several countries cannot accept dry ice delivery via Fedex – exceptions include Australia, New Zealand, India and China, which require shipment by World Courier. Please note – all orders are shipped on dry ice, please track the shipment aggressively once you receive the tracking number!!!

  • Domestic Shipping: $40 (dry ice last 24-48 hours)
  • International Shipping: $150 (dry ice last 3-4 days)
  • Exceptions: We obtain a quote from World Courier or use your World Courier account. Average cost is $1,200-$1,300.

Shipping Schedule

  • International orders are shipped FedEx international priority on Monday of each week unless otherwise requested.
  • Domestic orders are shipped FedEx standard overnight on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week unless otherwise requested.
  • In stock orders are shipped within 2-3 weeks unless a vector is being restocked. Actual shipment day is dependent on day the order is received and the shipping queue for the week. Shipments are sent in the order they are received.

International Shipping Policy

For all international shipments, we create a commercial invoice in the FedEx system that is placed on the package. Please check with your customs department and let us know upon ordering if additional paperwork is required. Please see safety information for vector MSDS and information.

We do not list the full value of the shipment to save customer import taxes. Please let us know if you would like the full invoice total listed on the commercial invoice.

will email tracking information to the contact person listed on the order. Please track your package carefully. The UNC Vector Core is not responsible for the package once it leaves our facility. If FedEx or customs cause a delivery delay, the only refund we receive is for the freight, not the value of the package contents. If you would like insurance for the full value of the shipment, please let us know upon ordering. We will obtain a quote from FedEx and add the insurance fees to your invoice.

You may also choose to have your order shipped via World Courier. They take responsibility for the package and refill of dry ice if necessary. If you prefer World Courier, please let us know upon ordering. You may either provide your own World Courier account and will only be charged by us for the handling and materials ($25), or we can use our account and adjust the shipping fee accordingly.