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Professor & Director of the High Throughput Genomic Sequencing Facility, Genetics

Research Interests

Keywords: Genome stability, DNA Repair, APOBEC, Aging, Bats, Comparative genomics, Parasite fungi-host interaction, Applications for NGS, Multi-omics.

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Dr. Mieczkowski’s background is in DNA repair, DNA recombination, DNA replication, eukaryotic genome stability, and DNA structural organization. He has investigated various aspects of genome stability and DNA repair using standard genetics methodology, next-generation sequencing, and microarray technology. He was involved in constructing the custom microarray printer used for developed methods to analyze copy number variations and genome rearrangements in model organisms. He was interested in developing genome stability and mutagenesis research applications in the early stage of next-generation sequencing evolution. He laid the groundwork for methodology and workflow used by UNC High Throughput Sequencing Facility and the development of applications for amplicon sequencing and automation for various NGS applications. He is part of many projects that use next-generation sequencing as a primary tool for research. Currently, his research is focused on the multi-omic analysis of bats as a model organism for aging, hibernation, and pathogen-host interaction.

Dr. Mieczkowski is the Technologies Director for the High-Throughput Sequencing Facility (HTSF) at UNC. He provides consultations to plan and design new studies. This includes selecting the best technology platform to meet an investigator’s research needs. He also takes a lead role in identifying, testing, and rolling out new cutting-edge technologies that keep the HTSF at the forefront of genomics research.

Mentor Training:

  • Bias 101


Piotr Mieczkowski in UNC Genetics News

Piotr Mieczkowski