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Sethupathy publishes invited review in Current Diabetes Reports

August 2, 2016

The article reviews progress in the microRNA field over the past decade, and details findings in pre-clinical studies that have demonstrated that pharmacologic manipulation of microRNAs, mostly in the liver, can modulate metabolic phenotypes and even reverse the course of insulin resistance and diabetes. Praveen Sethupathy, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Genetics, published … Continued

Department of Genetics Researchers Recognized

July 26, 2016

Karen Mohlke, Chuck Perou, Pat Sullivan and Jenny Ting have been named to the list of 2015 Highly Cited Researchers. Karen Mohlke, Chuck Perou, Pat Sullivan and Jenny Ting have been named to the list of 2015 Highly Cited Researchers. The 3000 researchers highlighted in 2015 represent the top one percent of cited authors in … Continued

Berg published in Clinical Cancer Research

July 26, 2016

Jonathan Berg, MD, PhD, a UNC Lineberger member and an assistant professor in the UNC School of Medicine Department of Genetics, was corresponding author of a study that investigated the frequency of pathogenic germline variants in hereditary cancer susceptibility genes in cancer patients undergoing tumor-germline sequencing. ~From the UNC LIneberger Newsroom Full Article

Yun Li awarded R01 from NHLBI for project titled “Genetic Studies of Blood Cell Traits in Multi-Ethnic Cohorts”

July 14, 2016

The study will focus on genetic mechanisms underlying blood cell traits in multi-ethnic cohorts, in particular admixed, under-represented U.S. minority populations such as African Americans and Hispanics/Latinos. Yun Li, PhD, Associate Professor of Genetics, Biostatistics and Computer Science (adjunct) has been awarded an R01 from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute for her project … Continued

Pardo-Manuel de Villena named Interim Chair of Department of Genetics

July 8, 2016

Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena, PhD, will take over July 1 from Terry Magnuson, PhD, who will become the vice chancellor for research at UNC-Chapel Hill. Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena, professor of genetics and associate chair for research, will become interim chair of the Department of Genetics effective July 1. He will oversee the department’s research … Continued

Praveen Sethupathy has been named as a recipient of a prestigious Pathway to Stop Diabetes Award from the American Diabetes Association

February 8, 2016

Only three Accelerator awards are given each year. They are designed to “support exceptional, independent early-career researchers who have distinguished themselves as promising investigators and are in the beginning stages of establishing successful, sustainable diabetes research programs.” The ADA gives a total of six Pathway awards annually to investigators at different career stages. The award … Continued

Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena named one of two inaugural Oliver Smithies Investigators

September 21, 2015

Oliver Smithies Investigator Award recipients are selected based on their sustained excellence in their chosen disciplines, their international reputation as a leader in their fields and the impact of their research within the medical and scientific communities. Dr. Pardo-Manuel de Villena was selected for his leadership of the Collaborative Cross, the most genetically diverse mouse … Continued

Shawn Ahmed’s group reports on a novel mechanism of gene silencing in Caenorhabditis elegans, termed “multigenerational RNAe”

September 14, 2015

The title of the article, published in PNAS, is “Lack of pairing during meiosis triggers multigenerational transgene silencing in Caenorhabditis elegans.” Co-first authors are Luciana Leopold, a graduate student in the Curriculum in Genetics and Molecular Biology, and Bree Heestand, a postdoctoral fellow in Shawn’s lab. This silencing process can occur for transgenes that are … Continued

Genetics and Medicine faculty team up for a study of microRNAs in Crohn’s disease

July 27, 2015

Bailey Peck, a Genetics and Molecular Biology graduate student in Praveen Sethupathy’s lab, is first author of a collaborative paper, with Bioinformatics and Computational Biology grad student Matthew Weiser (Furey lab), Shehzad Sheikh, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Genetics (senior author), and Drs. Sethupathy and Furey as coauthors. The article is available online in the … Continued

Jim Evans prominent in national discussions on Genomic Medicine

February 20, 2015

Jim was one of four discussants on NPR’s “On Point” and coauthor of an editorial in JAMA The “On Point” discussion, related to President Obama’s announcement regarding the Precision Medicine Initiative, is available as a podcast. In the JAMA Viewpoint article, Jim and Michael Watson of the ACMG Foundation for Genetic and Genomic Medicine argue … Continued