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We call our genetic study of ECT “GenECT”. GenECT is a scientific research study designed to find ways improve treatment for severe depression. We want to answer questions like:

  • “Why do some people get severe depression and other people do not?”
  • “Why does ECT benefit some people more than others?”

In recent years, there have been amazing scientific advances in the field of genetics. Our study will harness these advances to try to help scientists and doctors find better ways to treat severe depression.

The GenECT study is a global effort to understand the genetics of severe depression. Dozens of doctors and scientists from around the world are working together with tens of thousands of patients to find out the answers to these questions. UNC Chapel Hill is a lead site in this global effort.

Please email, call (919) 966-3358 or visit Research For Me to learn more about the study.


We are working with multiple labs around the world, fighting to determine if postpartum depression has a genetic cause. 1 in 7 moms suffer from Postpartum Depression (PPD). That’s 1 in 7 moms left feeling broken, emotionally detached and doubting their ability to raise their child. So why does it happen? Why some mothers, and not others? This study was designed to find answers to those exact questions, by looking at the genetic fabric of what makes you, you – your mom genes. Please visit to learn more about the study.