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The HTSF provides quality control data for raw material, libraries, and pools prior to sequencing. Please contact us if you have questions about your QAQC results that cannot be found on our website.

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QAQC Platforms


The HTSF uses multiple platforms to complete quality control testing for samples submitted to our facilities. Refer to this page to learn more about our platforms.
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Data Interpretation


When your QAQC results are ready, a member of the HTSF customer service team will contact you regarding your completed data. Visit this page to understand the in depth meaning of your results.
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Common QAQC Failures


Regardless if of QAQC approval settings on the submission, HTSF will contact a submitter with any issues. We will send the QAQC, discuss our concern and p offer resolutions. If you have received an email from a HTSF customer service associate stating an issue with the QAQC of your sample, please visit this page to find more detailed information.
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Clean-Up Methods


When a problem with the QAQC of a sample is found, the HTSF will suggest possible solutions before proceeding. To help find the best possible solution to your QAQC failure, visit this page. Please return to the HTSF the Sample Exemption Form when your lab has confirmed a plan to proceed. This form will be attached to the email discussing the QAQC issues.