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Getting ready to submit?

  1. Do you have a sequencing plan?
    • If you have questions about how to prepare your samples and/or what types of preparation and sequencing would work best for your goals, please contact our project coordination team ( to set up a consult.
  2. Prepare your samples correctly based on the requirements for your material type,.
  3. Are you a new user?
    • If your lab does not have an account with HTSF or if you are unsure, please email the project coordination team ( with the following information to begin the process of setting up an account.
      • PI Name and Email
      • PI Onyen
      • Accountant Name and Email
      • Chartfield String
  4. Are you an external, non-UNC group?
    • Please contact our project coordination team at to assist with the sample submission process.

Ready to submit?


Submit in TracSeq

Finished submitting?

Ellie Kremer


1) HTSF will review your submission.

2) Once your submission is approved, you will receive an email with a estimated quote for the requested services.

3) To access the quote, please follow the blue link at the top of the email.

4) Approve your quote by listing the date you plan to drop off your sample(s).

5) Print the confirmed manifest that appears.

6) HTSF will contact you to confirm a drop-off time.

7) Bring a copy of the manifest along with your samples to drop-off.

8)If you are trying to locate us, please refer to Where is the HTSF?

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