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Thanks for visiting the Auditory Language Learning (ALLears) Lab at UNC, directed by Dr. Julia Drouin. In this lab, we work on a wide range of projects related to speech perception, learning, adaptation, and hearing loss. The overall goal of research in this lab is to optimize how listeners perceive, learn, and adapt to spoken language in simple and complex conditions. To answer our research questions, we use behavioral and physiologic measures in neurotypical listeners and listeners who have hearing loss. Our hope is that research in this lab can inform clinical practice aimed at establishing individualized (re)habilitation protocols for children and adults with hearing loss. 


Lab Contact

The lab is located on the second floor of Bondurant Hall in Suite 2100 on the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill campus: 321 S. Columbia St. Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

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Phone Number: (919) – 843- 3672