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CPL Logo centered above four images: A professor in front of a classroom of college students, labeled Theorize; a graduate student sawing wood for community senior housing projects, labeled Incubate; a group of students with MCJC leadership and CPL director, labeled Enact; Dr. Ryan Lavalley recording his OT-focused podcast, labeled Disseminate

Community Practice Lab

Catalyzing and expanding community-driven, sustainable, and knowledge-based initiatives through creative scholarship, innovative program development, and committed partnerships.


We recognize communities’ strengths, skills, knowledge, and history.

Partnership & Coalition

We build sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships driven by community interests, strengths, ideals, and needs.

Systemic Justice

We create programming, initiatives, and curricula that are critically evaluated and oriented toward structural and systemic changes.


We work with theories of “occupation,” or the everyday experience of living.

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Our Focus Areas

Our Expertise

Community Occupational Therapy

Project Management, Planning, & Consultation

Oral History & Community Ethnography

Events & Workshops

Publications & Theoretical Development

Housing & Aging

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