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The deadline to submit application materials for the CMHC program is December 12, 2023. The deadline for the CRC program is April 9, 2024.

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Graduate School application instructions

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for the CRC and CMHC programs are the same:

  1. A bachelor’s degree transcript from an accredited college or university
  2. A pre-admission interview with the program faculty
  3. Eligibility to meet student requirements to participate in clinical training
  4. Minimum TOEFL or IELTS scores as required by the UNC Graduate School for any non-native English-speaking applicant

Documents to be Submitted for Admission

Documents required for admission are the same for both the CRC and CMHC programs:

  1. Submission of the UNC Graduate School application
  2. Transcripts from all previous college-level programs attended as required by the UNC Graduate School
  3. Official TOEFL and/or IELTS cores as required by the UNC Graduate School for any non-native English-speaking applicant
  4. Graduate application fee as required by the UNC Graduate School
  5. Three letters of recommendation as required by the UNC Graduate School
  6. A current resume listing relevant education and work and/or volunteer experiences as required by the UNC Graduate School
  7. Personal statement: a written statement that conveys information about the applicant, any past experiences that led the applicant to see a career in CMHC/CRC and apply to UNC’s program, and professional goals
  8. Responses to five supplemental questions within the Graduate School application

Students are admitted one time per year, to start in the fall semester. As programs within the Graduate School, we adhere to all Graduate School rules and regulations regarding admissions, matriculation, and graduation. All applicants who are considered for admissions will complete a personal interview with the admissions committee.

Detailed Admissions Information: Mental Health Counseling Program

Detailed Admissions Information: Rehabilitation Counseling Program

Deadline for Scholarships:

To become eligible for DAHS scholarships, prospective students must first submit a program application.

To apply for the Merit Scholarship, applications must be submitted on or before December 7 and meet all UNC Graduate School criteria for consideration. The Merit Scholarship provides full tuition and a monthly stipend to work with the Division for the first year in the program.

Funding Information

Each year, the division can nominate exceptional applicants for consideration of Fellowships offered through the UNC Graduate School. To be considered for a Fellowship Nomination, applicants should submit their completed applications in the Slate system by December 7. Fellowship nominations are made in January, and decisions are issued by the Graduate School in the Spring.

Incoming students are also eligible for assistantship and scholarship awards offered through the Department of Health Sciences and the CRMH Division. Applications for these scholarships and awards are provided once the applicant is admitted to the program. The number of awards given each year depends on the funds allocated to the division. Decisions on division awards for incoming students are typically made at or by the beginning of the Fall semester of program entry. Since one must be accepted to the program before applying for these scholarships and awards, applicants are encouraged to submit their completed application earlier than the April deadline.

North Carolina Residency Requirements

You can find all information regarding requirements for residency, as well as the dates that the application opens on the North Carolina Residency site.

There are numerous determining factors that go into these decisions, and they cannot be determined until an application is reviewed. If you are interested in pursuing NC residency, we encourage you to fill out the application as completely as possible and upload the required documentation (DL/taxes etc.) to assist in the determination process.