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LH PD6NCDPI has recognized the need for – and provided – expert consultation in related services for over 30 years. In a long-standing partnership with UNC-Chapel Hill, a faculty member from the UNC Division of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science Division serves NC public schools and NCDPI to ensure students receive high quality, evidence-based occupational therapy when they require it as part of their individualized educational program (IEP).

The OT Consultant to NCDPI provides technical assistance, professional development, and other requested forms of support to NC school systems, exceptional children program administrators, and occupational therapy practitioners. The OT consultant guides NCDPI policy and practice issues related to occupational therapy in NC public schools

By having an expert consultant available to NCDPI and North Carolina public schools, NC students with disabilities who require occupational therapy may have greater access to effective interventions, high-quality occupational therapy practitioners, and teachers with greater capacity to serve their unique educational and functional needs.