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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Science Program Prerequisites

(for students who matriculated to the University in or after fall 2022)

Students must complete all First-Year Foundation requirements, all Reflection & Integration requirements, and complete at least six Focus Capacity requirements. Please visit IDEAs in Action General Education curriculum for specific information regarding the general education course requirements. Additionally, the following pre-admission math/science courses are required:


  • MATH 130 or MATH 231
  • BIOL 101/L
  • BIOL 252/L
  • CHEM 101/L or BIOC 107
  • PHYS 114/L
  • PHYS 115/L
  • PSYC 101

*Recommended: CHEM 102/L or BIOC 108; STOR 151 or 155

For more information, please visit the Undergraduate Catalog for Radiologic Science requirements.

Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Science Program Prerequisites

(for students who matriculated to the University prior to fall 2022)


  • English Composition & Rhetoric (ENGL 105)
  • Foreign Language (through Level 3)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (MATH 130 or 231)
  • Lifetime Fitness (1 hour)


  • Physical and Life Sciences (PSYC 101, BIOL 101/L)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 courses from at least 2 departments)
  • Humanities/Fine Arts (3 courses: Visual & Performing Arts, Literary Arts, Philosophical Reasoning)


  • Communication Intensive (fulfilled by BIOL 101/L)
  • Quantitative Intensive (fulfilled by PHYS 114/L)
  • US Diversity (1 course)
  • Global Issues (1 course)


  • MATH 130 or 231
  • BIOL 101/L
  • BIOL 252/L
  • PHYS 104/L or PHYS 114/L
  • PHYS 105/L or PHYS 115/L
  • PSYC 101
  • CHEM 101/L or BIOC 107

*Recommended: CHEM 102/L or BIOC 108; STOR 151 or 155

Application Process

Applications may be submitted prior to completing all course requirements, as listed below:

  • Minimum of four math/science requirements successfully completed prior to admission
  • Minimum overall GPA of 2.5 and math/science GPA of 2.4 for admission eligibility
  • All prerequisite courses completed by second summer session of the year admitted

Applicants will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Clarity and quality of personal statement
  • Academic progress and promise
  • Supportive references
  • Knowledge of the field

Students selected as qualified applicants by academic record and admissions information will be required to complete oral and written interviews. The written interview covers topics relative to the applicant’s admissions information, radiologic science, health care, and personal goals. The Division will schedule interview appointments with admission candidates.

Application Instructions

Refer to specific application instructions below, based on your status.

Current UNC-Chapel Hill Students:


Click the button above and log in to the ConnectCarolina Student Center. In the “other academic” dropdown, select “Apply for Change of Major.” Once you complete and submit this request, you will receive an email with instructions for completing your application. Download the RADI Supplemental Form to upload with your application.

Transfer Students:

Application Information

You must apply to UNC and to the RADI program through Undergraduate Admissions. When you indicate that you are applying to the RADI program, you should also get the RADI-specific questions on your application.

The B.S. in Radiologic Science Program does not award credit for radiography courses or clinical experience completed at another radiography program. A student who started a radiography program elsewhere and who wants to complete the B.S. in Radiologic Science program may apply as a transfer student to begin the program. The student will not receive credit for radiography courses or clinical experiences previously completed.

Radiologic Technologists with Radiography Certification:

The B.S. in Radiologic Science Program is available to the radiologic technologist who holds current Radiography certification from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and who has completed an accredited radiography program. Any interested radiologic technologists should contact Joy Renner or (919) 966-5147 for further information and advisement on prerequisite courses and the program of study.

Application Deadlines

The Division uses three admissions review periods. Eligible students who are not selected during the first admissions review period will be reviewed automatically for admission during subsequent admissions review periods.
Upon submission of a completed application, qualified candidates will be contacted to schedule written and oral interviews.

Admission Period
Admission Period
Admission Period
Deadline December 1 March 15 May 1
Notification Late February Early April Mid-May




University Admissions Policy

For information regarding the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Admissions Policy, click on the link below:
UNC-Chapel Hill Admissions Policy