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UNC Global Radiology, a RAD-AID Chapter

Creating a global radiology community through education, collaboration, and innovation

The UNC-Chapel Hill RAD-AID Chapter was founded in 2012 by the UNC School of Medicine’s Division of Radiologic Science and the Department of Radiology. The UNC Division of Radiologic Science is part of the rich tradition of teaching, outreach, and clinical excellence in the School of Medicine’s global health community. Currently, the Division offers two global health opportunities for student technologists — in Malawi and Switzerland.

In association with RAD-AID International, goals at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe include 1) formal education for local healthcare professionals and 2) curricula for Malawian clinicians and radiographers on ultrasound and radiology integration. At the University Hospital Basel in Switzerland, students have goals of 1) understanding health system impact on the clinical practice of radiology and 2) incorporating positive takeaways into future practice.

UNC Division of Radiologic Science Global Student Ambassadors participating in these learning opportunities contribute within established partnerships for a sustainable impact and receive mentorship on best practices within global health pathways.

Inception to Date Snapshot of Travel (2013 – 2020)

  • 30 total UNC student technologists with travel:
    • 12 UNC student technologists to Malawi
    • 14 UNC student technologists to Switzerland
    • 4 UNC student technologists to the United Kingdom
  • 17 total visitors to UNC:
    • 12 Swiss student technologists to UNC
    • 3 UK student radiographers to UNC
    • 2 Malawian faculty to UNC