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The American Academy of Audiology Foundation has selected third-year Doctor of Audiology student Meredith Braza as a recipient of its Continued Achievement Scholarship.

Third-year Doctor of Audiology student Meredith Braza.
Third-year Doctor of Audiology student Meredith Braza.

The selection process includes a review of the nominee’s academic record, letters of recommendation, and clearly articulated professional aspirations which in Braza’s case include a special interest in working with children who face multiple challenges.

Braza was one of only a few students selected in her first year for participation in the LEND program (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities), based at the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities. In her second year, she participated in another federally funded pediatric audiology grant with the U.S. Department of Education with a focus on developmental disabilities in children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Braza also has an interest in research and was selected for a prestigious NIH-T35 summer research experience at Boys Town National Research Hospital.

As she begins her third year, Braza will work as a research assistant in the Department of Otolaryngology’s Speech Perception and Auditory Research Lab. Jackson Roush, professor in the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences, said Braza is a “motivated and multi-talented young woman who combines technical ability, interpersonal skill, genuine passion for working with children and families, and an extraordinary willingness to go above and beyond.”

Jackson Roush, PhD, served as division director for more than 20 years and is director of the LEND program. The division is housed in the Department of Allied Health Sciences.