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The division offers four programs of study:

Master of Science, Speech and Hearing Sciences

Students can earn a Master of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences and meet all requirements for ASHA Certification in Speech-Language Pathology.
Students who are not interested in attaining ASHA certification as a speech-language pathologist may petition the program coordinator to complete a Master of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences without the clinical requirements. This option requires additional research experience.

Doctor of Audiology

The AuD program is designed to provide a comprehensive graduate experience for students who wish to pursue a career in clinical audiology. Graduates are well prepared and compete successfully for externship experiences as well as employment opportunities following graduation.

PhD in Speech and Hearing Sciences

The PhD program is designed to prepare future scholars who will provide leadership and contribute to the knowledge base in speech, language, and hearing sciences. The program offers direct training in research, teaching, technology, and service delivery.

Undergraduate Minor

The undergraduate minor in speech and hearing sciences is designed to provide coursework in preparation for graduate study to students interested in careers as speech-language pathologists, audiologists, or speech and hearing scientists.