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Connect Your Hearing Aids Directly To Your Smartphone!

Most hearing aid manufacturers now offer devices that directly pair with and stream to your smartphone. This eliminates the need for additional accessories and helps to improve overall ease of communication. Direct pairing also does not require the use of a hearing aid phone app, but users can still use these apps for additional control.

Hear better on the phone

  • Direct streaming of phone calls improves speech understanding
  • Hear phone calls in BOTH ears instead of only one
  • No need to take your hearing aid out to hear on the phone

Hear media in a whole new way

  • Direct streaming of music, audiobooks and podcasts
  • Improved sound quality
  • Replaces earbuds for hands-free and convenient listening

Control at your fingertips

  • Adjust hearing aid programs and volume discreetly from your phone
  • Free manufacturer app for advanced user controls (noise, music, directional microphones)
  • Find your lost hearing aid through geo-location
  • Create personalized programs according to your listening preferences

Watch this Webinar: Tips & Tricks for Bluetooth Enabled Hearing Aids

Made for iPhone

Most hearing aid manufacturers now offer “Made for iPhone” hearing aids which can connect your devices directly to your device. The majority of new hearing aids are compatible with iPhone 5 and newer devices.

Android Phones

The newest Android phones with ASHA protocols are able to stream directly to hearing aids previously only compatible with iPhones. Other hearing aid companies (Unitron and Phonak) have a universal bluetooth option which allows those devices to connect to any phone (Android or otherwise) that has bluetooth. Your Audiologist can help you navigate your choices.


Hearing Aid Phone Apps

All hearing aid manufacturers have specific phone applications that can control certain hearing aid functions. Some of these functions include:

  • Control your volume
  • Change programs
  • Change microphone direction
  • Control hearing aid accessories
  • Tinnitus masking programs
phone app icons
phone app icons