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Come and join us at camp!!!

 July 24-29 2022

Camp Carefree is a week dedicated to individuals with bleeding disorders where the UNC HTC staff and physicians are available 24/7 and can be found in the “Med Shed!” We have a great time building relationships, teaching infusions, encouraging self care, and having fun!

  • COVID precautions in place for all campers and staff. All campers and staff are required to have received COVID vaccinations.
  • First time campers: Please call the camp directly (336.427.0966), leaving a message with your interest and contact information and they will assist you with obtaining an application.
  • Return Campers: A packet should have been sent to you directly

Camp Carefree 2019

HTC RNs and UNC residents at Camp Carefree 2019.

HTC RNs and UNC residents at Camp Carefree 2019.

HTC MD and nurses at Camp Carefree 2019.

HTC MD, nurses, PT, and resident at Camp Carefree 2019.

Camp Carefree 2018

Camper self-infusing at Camp Carefree.

Camper practicing self-infusion at Camp Carefree.