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Other SUDDEN News

SUDDEN Partners with Surry County North Carolina to Prevent Out of Hospital Sudden Unexpected Death (OHSUD)

The SUDDEN team travelled to Surry County to meet with a prevention task force to discuss public health measures to prevent sudden unexpected death.

SUDDEN Presents at European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Conference in Rome

Chip Pursell and Joan Maradey travelled to Rome to present their findings at the European Society of Cardiology.

SUDDEN Presents at 2016 EuroPRevent Conference

Sarah Chen and Jasmine Chigbu, interns with the SUDDEN study, present at EuroPRevent in Sophia Antipolis, France, June 2016.

Dr. Ross J. Simpson, Jr. receives Fulbright for research trip to Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Simpson received funding from the Fulbright Commission for a research trip to Bangkok, Thailand, where he advised researchers on a project investigating sudden unexpected death.

SUDDEN investigators sign collaboration agreement with Cuban research group

The agreement resulted from a two-day scientific meeting held in February at the University of Havana’s Center for Demographic Studies.–>

The SUDDEN Study at UNC has groundbreaking meeting with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control

Twenty-four CDC researchers and operational experts met with the UNC SUDDEN team at CDC headquarters in Atlanta to discuss sudden unexpected death (SUD).

The SUDDEN Study at UNC heads to Germany to discuss their research on sudden unexpected death

The goal of the SUDDEN researchers at the University of North Carolina is to prevent sudden unexpected death and save lives in North Carolina.

UNC Heart & Vascular researchers collaborate with the Medical University of South Carolina to study sudden unexpected death

The new pilot program captures and analyzes Emergency Medical Services data in South Carolina to study sudden unexpected death.

SUDDEN at UNC heads to Washington D.C. to meet with Senator Burr and the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute

UNC physicians discuss impact of sudden unexpected death on the citizens of North Carolina and dissemination of research findings.

UNC Heart & Vascular researchers team up with the North American SUDEP Registry to study sudden unexpected death

The new collaborative effort capitalizes on the strength of the clinical research data from the SUDDEN Study at UNC and the SUDEP Registry.

UNC researchers identify five medical conditions that may contribute to sudden unexpected death in North Carolina

A new study – the first to be released by UNC researchers in the SUDDEN study – finds the five highest comorbidities of sudden unexpected death in North Carolina are hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, coronary heart disease, and cardiomyopathy.

SUDDEN can’t come fast enough

Commentary by co-principal investigator F. Roosevelt “Rosey” Gilliam, MD.

Sudden Unexpected Death in NC is being studied at the University of North Carolina

The SUDDEN study will collect medical information from North Carolinians who died from sudden unexpected death in an effort to define contributing disease processes and improve prevention.