Biological and immunomodulators in IBD

Cholestatic liver disease

Chronic diarrhea

Colon cancer – screening and surveillance

Conscious sedation and airway management

Cutaneous manifestations of GI/liver diseases

Enteral nutrition

Eosinophilic esophagitis

Evaluation of patients with nausea/dyspepsia

Evaluation of suspected IBD

Extraintestinal and nutritional complications of IBD

Flat polyps (DVD)

GERD/PUD surgeries

GI finances

Graft versus host disease

HBV – latest Rx guidelines


HCV – Rx guidelines – and special circumstances

Hepatitis C-Effects and Side Effects

HIV disease in the GI tract

Liver/biliary tract histopathology

Liver transplantation I: indications, selection criteria, evaluation

Liver transplantation II: post-OLT care

Lower GI bleeding (DVD)

Medication management of functional GI disorders

Microscopic structure and metabolic function of the liver

Motility disorders of the esophagus

MRI of the GI tract

MRI reading for fellows

Nutrition assilimation and malabsorption

Ostomy management

Pancreaticobiliary surgery: priniciples, utility and complications

Parenteral nutrition

Pathophysiology, medical and surgical recommendations for fecal incontinence

Polypectomy I – video session

Polypectomy II – video session

Psychological treatment for those with functional GI disorders

Stricture and FB management

Surgical therapy for IBD

Transplant pathology

VCE: indications, complications, software, and presentation of commonly encountered findings