All fellows are provided the following during the course of their fellowship:


The provisions below assume that funds are available in the individual fellow’s account for the fellow’s use at the time of the expense. Queries about account balances should be directed to the appropriate person among the accounting staff. Submission of an expense does not mean that the expense will be paid if there are not adequate funds for reimbursement.



Fellows on the T32 grant receive $1000 per year while on the T32 grant to travel to a national scientific meeting. Funds do not carry over to the next year. Unused funds may NOT be used for another purpose.

T32 Discretionary Funds

Fellows on the T32 grant receive discretionary funds, which may include purchase of laptop, textbooks, and other expenses such as ACLS recertification, trainee membership dues, publication costs, and NCMB license renewal. The T32 grant also covers tuition and fees for graduate school. Please apply for in-state tuition after a year of residency in NC, as out-of-state tuition costs three-times more than in-state. All residents must make a formal application to receive in-state tuition.


Clinical Fellows (not on any external grants)

Clinical fellow will be allocated a general educational fund of $1000 per year. Funds do not carry over to the next year. Funds are intended to be used for attending a national meeting. Remaining funds may be used for other educational expenses only, including textbooks, board review materials, and digital educational materials. This fund is not meant to cover publication costs, licensure fees, or other non-educational expenses. Any expenses apart from the first national meeting must be approved by the Fellowship Director or his/her appointed surrogate (i.e., the Fellowship Coordinator) prior to purchase.

Clinical Fellows (with non-federal external funding)

Funds and the regulation of their use are provided on a case-by-case basis, based upon the individual grant. Fellows whose grants include allowance for travel and/or supplies must follow the regulations of that grant. Fellows whose grants do not include any allowance for travel to a national conference or other educational supplies will be allocated a general educational fund of $1000 per year. This account is privy to the same rules as Clinical Fellows not on external grants (see above).


  • Hotels:
    • Cost is for room and occupancy/local tax only; no additional services
    • Internet connection fees may be covered if they are necessary for conference work
    • Sharing of hotel rooms:
      • Submit only your portion of the expenses
      • Separate invoices must be submitted for each fellow
      • Airfare:
        • Airfare must be purchased ahead of time. Reimbursements are made following the travel (reimbursement form attached). Fellows are expected to obtain the lowest reasonable airfare offered.
        • If pre-paying airfare is not economically feasible, then fellows must purchase airfare via CABS (Central Airfare Billing System) by seeing Linda Dalton. There is a form you must complete ahead of time (attached) and submit to her. A travel agency with whom UNC contracts will set up an itinerary and assign a “T” (Travel) number, after which you will receive a voucher ticket, and we will be billed for services. Please note that the cost of pre-paying is a little higher because the UNC-approved travel agency extracts a processing fee.
        • Food:
          • T32: Fellows will receive the per diem food rate (see below). During travel, specific travel times are required to allow calculation of the per diem (see times below). Receipts do not need to be submitted.
          • Clinical (no funding): Submit individual receipts for meals. Snacks (e.g., Starbucks) and alcoholic beverages are not reimbursed.
          • Clinical (non-federal external funding): Case-by-case basis
          • Per diem food rates:
            • Breakfast (8:00 am): $8.00 (in/out-of-state)
            • Lunch (12:00 noon): $10.10 (in/out-of-state)
            • Dinner (6:00 pm): $18.40 (in-state) / $20.40 (out-of-state)
            • Mileage:
              • Reimbursed at $0.55/mile
              • Gauged from workplace (UNC) to location
              • Notate departure time and return time to UNC
              • Mileage expenses deducted from fellow’s account balance
              • Rental cars: not reimbursable.
              • The only reimbursement that can be made prior to a trip is for conference registration or abstract fees.


All receipts should be submitted to Steve Kennedy.

Reimbursement of Expenses:

  • T32: Reimbursements are direct deposited.
  • Clinical (no funding): Checks are mailed to the home.
  • Clinical (non-federal external funding): Case-by-case basis

Questions/contacts/BALANCE QUERIES:

Adopted: September 2012