Collected GME policies

Accomodation of Residents with Disabilities
ACGME Duty Hour Question Guide for Residents
Addressing Resident Concerns Confidentially
Administration Probation – Delinquent Medical Records
Application to GME
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Code Walker Quick Guide Insert
Confidential Support Services
Consensual Amorous Relationships
Discretionary Fund Agreement
Duty Hour Limit Exception
Duty Hours
Eligibility and Selection
Evaluation of Residents
Family Medical Leave
Fit for Duty
FMLA Request Form
Word Document
GME Appointment Agreement
GME Program Requirements
Graduate Medical Education Disaster Recovery Plan
Grievance Procedures
Handling Academic and Performance Problems
Impaired Physicians
Incentive Compensation Policy
International Rotations Policy
Leave of Absence Policy
Maternity and Paternity Leave
Medical License Requirements
Non-Discrimination Policy
Office of Graduate Medical Education Salary and Benefits Information
Pager Policy
Professional Business Attire
Reappointment, Non-Reappointment, and Dismissal
Residency Closure
Resident Email Policy
Restrictive Covenant
SBI Fingerprint Rejection Policy
Serious Illness Major Disability Parental Leave Request Form
Serious Illness, Major Disability, Parental Leave Policy
Social Media Policy
Special Projects Form
Tamper Resistant Rx Pads
Training in Critical Care Medicine
Training in Pain Medicine
UNC HCS Dress Code
UNC Hospital Sample Policy
UNC Hospitals Term Residents Policy
Vacation and Sick Leave Policy
Voicemail Application