Anorectal manometry: interpretation

Ascites and SBP

Autoimmune hepatitis

Barrett’s esophagus: pathophysiology and management

Biofeedback therapy for anorectal disorders

Cholangitis and other non-neplastic disorders of the biliary tract

Cholestatic liver disease

Chronic pancreatitis

Colon cancer epidemiology & prevention

Constipation: pathophysiology, evaluation and management

Crohn disease: diagnosis and management

Disorders of the pouch

Eating disorders

Esophageal motility testing

Food and eating related disorders (FERD): etiologies, mechanisms and clinical implications

Fulminant hepatic failure

Functional GI Disorders: board questions (disorders of the pelvic floor/anorectum)

Gastritis: pathophysiology and management

GI diseases in the immunosuppressed patient

GI immune system

GI tract obstructions: pathophysiology and management [parts I and II]

Hepatitis B: management

Hepatitis C: management

Hepatocellular carcinoma

Histology of the GI tract

H.pylori: diagnosis and management

Intestinal digestion and absorption

Liver: anatomy, development and physiology

Moderate sedation: principles and UNC policy

Neoplasms of the biliary tract

Neuroenteric and neurophysiological physiology in health and with FGIDs

Non-HBV/HCV viral hepatitis (HAV, HDV, HEV, CMV, EBV)

Nutrigenomics and epigenomics and nutrition research

Nutritional assessment and refeeding syndrome

Parenteral nutrition

Principles of endoscopy and mucosal sampling

Principles of GI oncology

Principles of management of LGI hemorrhage

Principles of management of UGI hemorrhage (vx & non-vx)

Small bowel: anatomy, development and physiology

Small bowel and subepithelial tumors

Surgery of the esophagus

Varices and variceal bleeding