Afferent loop syndrome

Alcoholic hepatitis



Anal cancer

Anasarca w/elevated bilirubin RHS – post endoscopy bleed

Anticoagulants in relation to GI bleeds

Antidepressant use in IBS

Arthropathies in IBD


Capsule endoscopy – findings for 2003

C. difficile infection post liver transplant

Celiac sprue

Cholangiocarcinoma from brush cytology

Choledocal cysts

Cholestatic jaundice w/encephalopathy

Cirrhosis (infectious bleed)

Collagenous colitis (acute)

Colonic inertia

Colonic ischemia secondary to repair of aneurysm

Coma secondary to steatohepatitis and acetaminophen potentiated by malnutrition

Crohn’s disease and pregnancy

Crohn’s w/non-inflammatory obstruction

Cutaneous manifestations of Crohn’s

Diagnosis of obscure GI bleeding (push enteroscopy vs capsule)

Diarrhea secondary to neuroendocrine chromoganin A

Drug-induced liver injury in HIV patients

Duodenal adenoma

Elevated ASTs and ALTs

Endoscopic stenting of the gall bladder

Eosinophilic esophagitis

Eosinophilic gastroenteritis

Esophageal perforation

Familial adenomatous polyposis

Fertility in IBD

Follicular lymphoma of the small bowel

Foreign body removal

Gallbladder dyskinesia

Gas-Bloat syndrome

Gastric antral vascular ectasia

Gastric polyps (carcinoid)

Gastroenteric fistula s/p Bilroth II anastomosis w/marginal ulcer

GI involvement in neurofibromatosis

Hepatic adenoma

Hepatic artery thrombosis late s/p liver transplant

Hepatic cysts

Hepatic encephalopathy (lactulose +/- neomycin)

Hepatic encephalopathy w/focal findings

Hepatic hemangioma with erythrocytosis

Hepatic hemangioma in pregnancy

Hepatitis B in leukemia patients

Hepatitis B reactivation due to herbal injury

Hepatopulmonary syndrome

Hiccups post colonoscopy

IBD (initial onset vs infectious colitis)

IBD w/ileitis, responsive to cyclosporin

Ileus in Guillaume Barre syndrome


Lamivudine vs immunization for hepatitis B

Linitus plastica

Liver disease (atypical – MRC vs ERCP)

Liver failure due to ‘ecstasy’ overdose

Longterm immunosuppression in autoimmune hepatitis

Lye ingestion

Mesenteric ischemia

Midgut volvulus

Mirizzi syndrome

Multiple small bowel polyps


Painful fissure s/p colonoscopy

Pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic pseudocyst

Pancreatic panniculitis

Pancreatitis (acute and chronic)

Pancreatitis (ideopathic)

Pancreatitis s/p ERCP

Paraesophageal hernia

Perianal abscess

Pneumatosis intestinalis

Portal thrombosis and coagulation

Portopulmonary hypertension

Post-infectious IBS

Post-polypectomy surveillance

Preoperative large bleed upon colonoscopy – small bowel mass/GIST

Primary sclerosing cholangitis

Procedural GI bleed in hemophilia

Pulmonary manifestations of IBD

Radiation proctitis

Rectal cancer (recurrent)

Rectal bleeding

Rectal prolapse


Recurrent bleeding from duodenal ulcer and the role of embolization

Role of EUS in chronic pancreatitis/stones, CBD stones, and acute pancreatitis

R-V fistula in Crohn’s

Screening for squamous cell esophageal cancer

Stent use in chronic pancreatitis (pancreas divisum)

Streptococcus bovis and colon cancer

Subclinical IBD markers

Thrombosis in IBD

Toxic megacolon in ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis w/dysplasia

Unexplained ascites in HIV patient

Use of cyclosporine in OLT

Use of infliximab in pouchitis

Uses of infliximab

Use of TIPS for ascites

Upper GI bleed (Dieulefoy vs NSAID erosion)

Upper GI bleeding

Variceal exsanguination

Wilson’s disease