Abdominal pain: psychological trauma and brain imaging

Acetaminophen toxicity

Acute hepatitis C

Acute mesenteric ischemia

Adinomatous polyposis coli

Advances in GI imaging in IBD

AIDS esophagitis

Amiodarone hepatotoxicity, phospholipidosis and cholestasis

Anal fissure

Anal fistula in Crohn’s

Aortic stenosis and GI bleeding

ASA-induced UGI bleed and trials of endoscopic treatment

Ascaris lumbricoides (intestinal roundworm)

Autoimmune hepatitis, relapse s/p immunosuppression

Bacterial overgrowth of the small bowel


Biliary cysts

Biliary disease s/p liver transplant


Bloating post cardia cancer resection

Cancer risk of the rectal cuff

Cecal volvulus

Cerebral edema in the setting of acute liver failure

Choledochal cysts

Chronic abdominal pain

Chronic belching as a sign of aerophagia and its treatment

Chronic pseudo-obstruction vs ileocecal volvulus

CMV in the presence of IBD

Colorectal cancer screening and surveillance

Constipation – surgical recommendations of severe constipation secondary to slow transit

Crohn’s vs NSAID toxicity in Ehlens-Danlos syndrome

Crohn’s colitis (initial diagnosis)

Crohn’s disease: perineal disease

“Cuffitis”: inflammation of the rectal cuff s/p j-pouch – colectomy for UC

Diabetic gastroparesis

Diarrhea (magnesium-induced)

Dilatation methods for the treatment of benign esophageal strictures

“Diverticular colitis”

Diverticulitis and abscess

Duodenal diverticulum

Efficacy of cyclosporin in severe ulcerative colitis


Endoscopic dilatation in an abnormal-appearing esophagus

Endoscopic therapy for hemorrhoids

Enterohemorrhagic E. coli

EUS in MALT lymphomas

EUS in squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the esophagus

EUS mini probe

Familial polyposis

Fatty liver disease

Fecal occult blood testing versus screening colonoscopy

Fistula-in-ano versus perianal fistula

Gastric polyps in familial polyposis

Gastric sarcoidosis

Gastroparesis treated by pyloric botox

Giardia update


Hepatic hydatid disease

Hepatic hydrothorax

Hepatitis B in active carriers

Hepatitis E

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in cirrhosis (prognosis and staging methods)

Hepatorenal syndrome and TIPS management

H. pylori testing

Hyperplastic polyps and serrated adenomas

Hyponatremia supplements and MELD

IBD drugs and male fertility

Ideopathic hemorrhagic gastropathy

Inflammatory arthritis and IBD

Iron deficiency anemia s/p Bilroth II

Iron deficiency: diagnosis & treatment

Ischemic colitis

Liver failure secondary to T-cell leukemia (post-renal transplant)

Liver hemangioendothelioma

Liver masses

Lung cancer and the gut detected by PET

Malignant rectosigmoid obstruction (stent versus stoma)

Mesenteric adenitis secondary to cat scratch disease

Motility disorder – enteric ganglionitis

MR enteroclysis, virtual enteroscopy, capsule endoscopy, and viritual colonography in IBD

Multiple perianal fistulae and hidradenitis suppurativa

Neurofibroma of the bowel

NK-cell lymphoma of the liver presenting as ascites

Operative risks in cirrhosis

Palliation of malignant obstructive jaundice (MOJ)

Pancreatic divisum

Pancreatic pseudocyst

Pancreatitis in childhood: anomalous pancreaticobiliary junction

Pancreatitis with IBD

Paraesophagael hernias

PEG leak

Peliosis hepatitis

Perianal disease in HIV

Pet loss and pain

Photodynamic therapy

Pneumatosis intestinalis

Post-ERCP pancreatitis

Post-fundoplication dysphagia secondary to a slipped wrap

Post-infectious IBS

Post-liver transplant complications

Post-liver transplant IBD

Post-polypectomy bleed

Proctalgia fugax

Pruritis ani

Psychological factors in functional esophageal disorders

Pulmonary manifestations of IBD

Recurrent UGI bleed of obsure origin

Refractory celiac sprue

Renal cancer metastatic to the GI tract

Rumination syndrome

Selenium deficiency

Sickle cell hepatopathy

Solitary rectal ulcer

Sphincterotomy bleeds during ERCPs

Splenic/mesenteric thrombosis

Squamous papilloma of the esophagus

Stool DNA re colon cancer

Stress ulcer

Transfer dysphagia

Transplantation in diabetes (renal) vs cirrhosis (liver)

Tylenol overdose

Use of adalimumab in lieu of attenuated infliximab in Crohn’s disease

Use of longterm infliximab versus segmental colon resection

Use of octreotide in fistulizing disease

Use of octreotide in variceal bleeding

Villous adenoma with severe dysplasia

Zenker’s diverticulum (definition and characteristics)

Zenker’s diverticulum (perforation due to intubation during ERCP)