Adulimumab therapy in patients failing infliximab

Alcoholic diarrhea

Anti-TNF-induced lupus

Ascites – eplerenone as alternative to spironolactone

Autoimmune hepatitis

Autoimmune hepatitis and PSC

Autoimmune pancreatitis

Bariatric options

B-cell lymphoma and upper airway obstruction

Biliary hamartoma

Bleeds in high-MELD cirrhosis with gastric varices (balloon-occluded retrograde in gastrorenal shunt)

Budd-Chiari syndrome or “nutmeg liver”

Carbon dioxide insufflation for endoscopy

CCK/cholescintigraphy in view of constant epigastric pain

Cervical testing among women with IBD

CMV in IBD (stool sample)

Colectomy & pouch post-OLT for PSC

Collagenous colitis

Collagenous sprue (refractory celiac disease)

Colon cancer family registry

Common variable immunoglobulin deficiency

Crohn’s disease and bladder cancer

Demyelination on anti-TNF therapy

Drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms (DRESS)

Duodenal diverticula

Duodenal follicular lymphoma

Endoscopic mucosal resection for superficial esophageal cancer

Endoscopy in pregnancy

End-stage renal disease and AVM bleeding

Epidermolysis bullosa

Esophageal (epiphrenic) diverticulum

Esophageal ulcer secondary to HIV

EUS primer

Food allergies per alternative meds

Functional GI disorders and their association with stress

Fundic gland polyps and low-grade dysplasia

Gastric carcinomatosis in pregnancy (Krukenberg tumor)

Gastric volvulus

Genetics of colon cancer

GI bleeding of obscure origin > small bowel mets from lung cancer

GI symptoms and ovarian cancer

HBV reactivation

Health care reform

Hepatitis B and D

Hemochromatosis after liver transplant

Hemochromatosis in young female

Hepatic encephalopathy post-liver transplant

Hereditary angioedema

Histoplasmosis on anti-TNF therapy and GI bleeding

IBD/IBS pain

Ileostomy revision, ileal disease and intestinal permeability

Immunosuppression in IBD

Incomplete peritoneal dialysis/abdominal pain secondary to diverticulitis

INH liver failure

Is it GERD?

Juvenile polyposis

Kidney stones in IBD

Large volume gastric residual

Low-grade dysplasia in Barrett’s esophagus

Male infertility in IBD

Massive hernia entering stomach > perforation

Metastatic liver abscess

Metastatic melanoma of the stomach

Natalizumab update

Neurologic symptoms of celiac disease versus gluten neuropathy

Nutritional recommendations in IBD

Obscure GI bleeding

Pancreatitis/biliary stones in pregnancy

Patient satisfaction versus quality of care

Pelvic floor dyssynergia

Polycystic liver disease

Portal hypertension in non-cirrhotics (primary sclerosing cholangitis vs nodular regenerative hyperplasia)

Post-polypectomy surveillance: small tubular adenomas

PPI metabolism and failure to respond

Psoriasis development on anti-TNF vs. adalimumab use in treating psoriasis

Pulmonary complications of IBD

Radiation exposure in GI

Refractory stricturing fistulae in Crohn’s disease

Risk of heart surgery in cirrhosis


Sigmoid perforation

Signet cell cancer

Silymarin in chronic liver disease

Smart Pill monitoring

Solitary rectal ulcer

Sonic trial of infliximab vs infliximab + azathioprine or azathioprine

Squamous cell cancer in situ in mid-esophagus

Submucosal masses > colonic lipomas

Surgical issues in IBS (narcotic bowel syndrome)

TNF inhibition in IBD/myasthenia gravis

Tongue plaque leukoplakia

Transaminitis and creatinine kinase

Trichiuris trichium

Ulcerated mouth of Meckel’s diverticulum

Vaccines in IBD

Weight gain on anti-TNF treatment

Whipple’s disease

Whipple’s procedure

Zileutonin in ulcerative colitis

Zoster in IBD