The UNC-GO program is designed to provide an exceptional research training experience in Geriatric Oncology. Physicians will be accepted into UNC-GO if they have clearly demonstrated interest and early success in clinical/translational and/or health services research pertaining to older persons with cancer. Some fellows may have had exposure to research through fellowship programs offered at UNC in Hematology/Oncology or Surgical, Gynecologic, Urologic or Radiation Oncology, including requirements or options for dedicated research-related coursework, research presentations, and regularly scheduled lectures and symposia. To ensure responsiveness to a wide variety of scenarios, the UNC-GO training program aims to be as flexible as possible to accommodate physicians at different stages of their medical and research training and careers. The following sections describe both required and optional components of the UNC-GO Training Program. To the extent UNC-GO trainees are enrolled in UNC residency/fellowship programs in Hematology/Oncology or Surgical, Gynecologic, Urologic or Radiation Oncology, the trainees must receive approval from their fellowship directors for all UNC-GO compulsory activities. Leaders of these Oncology specialty disciplines have already committed to providing this time for trainees who are selected for UNC-GO.

Example of First Training Year (Required Activities)

Activity Timeline
Geriatrics Training

Online course in basic principles

One month rotation on inpatient Geriatrics

One month in Outpatient Geriatric Assessment Clinic

8 hours (complete in first 2 months)

2 week commitment – integral part of Geriatrics Training

4 week commitment


2 research focused courses

One course per semester (2 semesters/year)

~ 6 didactic hours per week

Conferences and  Seminars

Geriatrics  Fellows Conference

Geriatrics Journal Club

Geriatric Oncology Lunch and Learn

UNC Geriatric Oncology Symposium

American Geriatric Society Meeting








Meetings with Preceptors

Development of IDP

Review of IDP and start research project

Complete research project

Presentation of results


Twice a month or more frequently as needed

First 3 months


During first year

As appropriate at UNC, regional and national conferences