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Division of Oncology

Our exceptional doctors work with teams of advanced practitioners, nurses, counselors, nutritionists, social workers and many other to provide cutting-edge, compassionate patient-centered care.  A key part of this care is offering cutting-edge clinical trials to widen patients’ options.  Our laboratory research regularly produces breakthroughs that drive improvements in care.  We maintain close relationships with community oncologists throughout the state and are happy to provide second opinions and co-management when helpful.

Clinic locations:

Clinical appointments

Disease Group Phone Fax
Breast Cancer 984-974-8116 984-974-2603
Head & Neck Cancer 984-974-8386 984-974-2607
Gastrointestinal Cancer 984-974-8289 984-974-8615
Genitourinary Cancer 984-974-8235 984-974-8614
Lung Cancer 984-974-8641 984-974-8610
Melanoma & Skin Cancer 984-974-8289 984-974-8615
Neurologic cancer 984-215-3627 984-974-8613
Sarcoma 984-974-8386 84-974-2607