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  • UME Faculty Spotlight: William Ntim, MD

    My current role is Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine and Clerkship Site Director of the Application Phase’s course, Hospital, Interventional, & Surgical Care (HISC) Internal Medicine rotation, UNC School of Medicine, Charlotte Campus. It is my goal to be a bridge builder for students between the bench during foundation phase and the bedside during the Application and I … Read more

  • UME Faculty Spotlight: Amanda Allen, MD

    I first became interested in education during my residency training at UNC and was fortunate enough to be able to serve as a chief resident, which helped me develop in the role as a student and resident educator.  When I started as a hospitalist at UNC Rex in 2013 there were no medical student or resident rotations available within our group of Internal Medicine hospitalists…

  • Katie Gill, MD

    UME Faculty Spotlight: Katie Gill, MD

    We are so excited to showcase some of our brilliant UME educators in the department of medicine and across our AHEC sites. For many of us there are certain teachers in our past who left a mark on our lives and are highly valued. For some they may be the reason you went into medicine or the specialty you are in. The DOM along with the AHEC sites have many highly regarded educators … Read more

  • UME Faculty Spotlight: Duncan Vincent, MD

    I am a former UNC resident and chief resident, now a clinical assistant professor in the DOM and working for Piedmont AHEC at Cone Health in Greensboro. I serve as the Associate Program Director for the Cone Internal Medicine Residency Program, a community-based residency program focused on training general medicine physicians to serve North Carolina communities.

  • Maureen Dale

    Physician Spotlight: Maureen Dale, MD

    Since she was small, Dr. Maureen Dale always wanted to be a doctor. At age four, her physician father started teaching her to ‘read’ chest x-rays. Even though she considered other careers along the way, medicine has always been the frontrunner. After completing both her undergraduate studies and medical school at the University of Virginia, Dr. Dale came to UNC-Chapel Hill. Here, … Read more

  • Featured Physician: Alfred Rabinovich

    Alfred Rabinovich, MD, originally from New York, was drawn to UNC by our collegiality and commitment to care. He enjoys building relationships with patients as well as educating medical students. Dr. Rabinovich is also talented in the kitchen and recently became a dad! 

  • Featured Physician: Christopher Jensen

    Christopher Jensen, MD, MSCR, is a hematologist with interests in lymphoma and geriatric oncology. Originally from Rocky Mount, Dr. Jensen is looking forward to serving the people of the state. If he was not a physician he would have pursued a career as a historian, focusing on ancient history! 

  • Claire Kathryn Larson, MD

    Physician Spotlight: Claire K. Larson, MD

    From a young age, Dr. Claire Larson loved nature and science. At one point, she wanted to be a veterinarian. Eventually, medicine attracted her attention. In it, she was able to merge her love for science and her passion for helping people. When asked how she chose her specialty, Dr. Larson says, “I was always close with my grandparents growing up. As they grew older, I saw the c … Read more

  • Featured Physician: Onyinye Iweala

    Onyinye Iweala, MD, PhD, is an assistant professor of medicine in the Division of Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology. She specializes in environmental allergies (allergic rhinitis), chronic hives and swelling (urticaria and angioedema), food allergies (including alpha-gal allergy), and anaphylaxis. She first aspired to get a PhD in the 6th grade. Dr. Iweala is a mom to three ch … Read more

  • Andrew J. Gilman, MD

    Featured Physician: Andrew J. Gilman

    Andrew Gilman, MD, was drawn to UNC Gastroenterology because of the mission, collegiality and “how can we help” attitude. From a rural area in California, Dr. Gilman says it it rewarding to provide care to people from remote areas. Outside of work he enjoys fly fishing, diving and hiking. 

  • Featured Physician: Kunal Jakharia

    Pulmonologist Kunal Jakharia, MD, has always been passionate about a career in medicine. He grew up in India where his father is a family physician. Dr. Jakharia enjoys gardening, traveling and trying new cuisine, and cooking. He also speaks English, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi.

  • Doctor Marvin McBride

    Physician Spotlight: Marvin McBride, MD, MBA

    Marvin McBride was always interested in science and people. In medicine, he merged these two interests. After graduating from Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC, he attended Duke Medical School. During his medical training, Dr. McBride gravitated towards family medicine. As a result, he completed a family medicine residency at the University of Virginia. Part of his attraction to … Read more