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David Lynch, MD

Dr. David Lynch, assistant professor in the Division of Geriatrics, was recently selected for a Clin-STAR Pilot Grant. According to Clin-STAR, the goal of this funding is to “stimulate new collaborations focused on the development of clinical aging research projects.” By encouraging junior and senior researchers from different disciplines and institutions to come together, these Pilot Grants can stimulate new areas of age-related research.

In addition, Clin-STAR invited Dr. Lynch to attend the meeting in San Diego this November. Also, the Clin-STAR Coordinating Center will cover his travel to the conference. Furthermore, he was selected to attend the Butler Williams Scholars Program based on the same body of work.

Addressing Root Causes

Dr. Lynch received this Clin-STAR Pilot Award based on his proposal: Using Metabolomics to Identify Drivers of Muscle Weakness and Functional Decline for Older Adults. His long-term research goal is improving older adults’ physical function and quality of life through targeted interventions that address and change causal biological pathways.

According to Dr. Lynch’s abstract, “Declining muscle strength in older adults (age 65 years and up) is significant for patients and healthcare systems. It reduces independence and quality of life and increases the risk of hospitalization and mortality.” He says that despite advances in understanding the various mechanisms leading to weakness. Dr. Lynch also states that we still lack targeted treatments that focus on weakness’ root causes and improve clinical outcomes. In addition, he highlights the limited success of one-size-fits-all interventions, an issue he plans to address in his research.

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