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Evan Raff and Jennifer Mack, UNCMC Adult Rapid Response Committee Chairs
Evan Raff and Jennifer Mack, UNCMC Adult Rapid Response Committee Chairs

The “Rapid Response Recognition Report” is a quarterly recognition of providers who are “remarkable examples of excellence” during rapid response events at UNCMC.

Effective utilization of the Adult Rapid Response System at UNC Medical Center is essential in the early detection of clinically worsening patients to ensure necessary resources are mobilized and adverse outcomes prevented. Rapid response events require teamwork, collaboration, closed loop communication, and respect for each other.

“Rapid response systems are designed to detect clinical worsening in hospitalized patients so that we can get critical resources to them sooner rather than later.  To be successful, the system must be activated early and often.  When the rapid response team comes to a patient’s bedside, there has to be effective teamwork, communication, collaboration, and respect for others: we’ve shown that these elements improve outcomes,” said Dr. Evan Raff, Physician Chair of the UNCMC Adult Rapid Response Committee and Associate Professor in the Division of Hospital Medicine.

UNCMC’s Adult Rapid Response System produces positive clinical results, it benefits the organizational culture, and it reminds everyone that the most important thing is caring for the patient.
Emily Sturkie, MD, Andrew De La Paz, MD, and Leslie Appleton, MD, MPH, were recognized for rapid response excellence.

Instituting the Rapid Response Recognition Report

“With this quarterly report, we want to recognize stellar UNCMC providers who demonstrate remarkable examples of excellence,” said Dr. Raff.

These providers not only participate in, but also facilitate the following key components of a rapid response: introductions (names and roles) followed by a synopsis of the patient history and what led to the event, then a formal debrief (summary of interventions and ongoing plan of care) at the conclusion of the event.

Following is the list of providers by department for the third quarter.  Please join in recognizing them and read what rapid response nurses had to say about their performance.

Department of Medicine:

Emily Sturkie, MD

  • “She was so wonderful to work with. She appreciated and considered the recommendations from RT and nursing. She was a great communicator and advocate for her patient.”

Andrew De La Paz, MD

  • “He was very prompt and responsive with a GI bleed that needed to go to MICU and VIR. He also made sure the patient had an ART line and central line and was proactive on making sure patient received blood.”

Leslie Appleton, MD, MPH

  • “She did a fantastic job leading a rapid event. She took control of the room and made sure everyone was informed and addressed concerns. She also did some teaching with the newer residents.”


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