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The new National HHT Diagnosis and Treatment Initiative will provide 15 Centers of Excellence (CoE), including The University of North Carolina’s, with federal funding for the first time. HHT, a genetic disorder that causes some blood vessel to not develop properly, is the second most common genetic bleeding disorder in the United States. These funds will make a large positive impact on the HHT community.

Raj Kasthuri, MD
Raj Kasthuri, MBBS

As Director of the UNC HHT Center of Excellence, Raj Kasthuri, MD, MBBS, is the Principal Investigator for the award at UNC. He was also among the group of investigators who developed the grant proposal. UNC’s HHT Center will receive $100,000 per year, for three years, to support patient care efforts.

Raj Kasthuri is Professor of Medicine in the Division of Hematology, UNC Blood Research Center Associate Director, and Director of the UNC HHT Center of Excellence.

Read the announcement from Cure HHT’s executive director.