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Jared Weiss, MD - Division of Oncology

Jared Weiss, MD

Section Chief of Thoracic and Head/Neck Oncology

Professor of Medicine


Contact Information



170 Manning Drive
Room 3115
Chapel Hill, NC 27599


Jared Weiss, MD

Section Chief of Thoracic and Head/Neck Oncology

Professor of Medicine

Areas of Interest

Lung cancer, Squamous Head and Neck Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, Immunotherapy, Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines, Cellular Therapeutics (TILs, CART, TCR)


My life work is the reduction of suffering from cancer.  Lung cancer and head/neck cancers are heavily stigmatized. As a result, patients do not receive the type of care that they deserve.  These patients deserve doctors who care deeply about them.  It is a privilege to work for my patients in clinic. In my practice, I favor oral targeted therapies or immunotherapies when possible. I am passionate about maximization of quality of life.  It is privilege to get to know my patients and their families and to care holistically for them.

I recognize that currently available treatments are inadequate.  Our standard, approved treatments do not work well enough.  We need new medicines that have fewer side effects, and that better control cancer.  For this reason, I am an active researcher.  Recent successes leading to FDA-approved drugs include keytruda, imfinzi, trilaciclib and selpercatinib. My current focus is on personalized immunotherapies—cancer vaccines and cellular therapeutics (CAR-T).

Cancer patients also need support.  It is a privilege to work with and advocate with the Lung Cancer Initiative of North Carolina, and to have served for many years on their executive board.  I believe that direct patient education has the power to improve outcomes and greatly enjoy serving as a volunteer for and executive board member of

  • Undergraduate

    Brown University

  • Medical School

    Yale University School of Medicine

  • Residency

    Beth Israel Deadoness Medical Center, Harvard

  • Fellowship

    University of Pennsylvania