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Yara Abdou, MD - Division of Oncology

Yara Abdou, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Contact Information



170 Manning Drive
CB #7305
Chapel Hill, NC 27514


Yara Abdou, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Areas of Interest

Early stage and metastatic breast cancer; immunotherapy; immune microenvironment; racial disparities; clinical trials.


Yara Abdou, MD, specializes in the treatment of early stage and metastatic breast cancer. Her research focuses on the development of novel therapies, particularly immunotherapy, to treat different subtypes of breast cancer. She works closely with basic and translational scientists to study the breast tumor microenvironment and find ways to enhance treatment approaches by utilizing the immune system. In addition, her research also focuses on racial differences in tumor biology and immune microenvironment, to better understand racial disparities and improve clinical outcomes in minority women with breast cancer. As a clinician and a researcher, her goal is to improve treatment strategies for breast cancer while minimizing suffering and morbidity from the disease.

  • Undergraduate

    Jordan University

  • Medical School

    Jordan University

  • Residency

    University of New Mexico

  • Fellowship

    Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, NY

  • Research Fellowship

    Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Every doctor tends to choose their specialty based on various reasons; I choose mine because of my patients. Cancer patients carry stories that are unique to medicine, which is where my passion for this field is rooted. Their entire world is often rocked by a diagnosis of cancer, and it is a privilege to be able to contribute to how that period of their lives plays out. That is where my role as a physician becomes deeper, more intense and more personal. The key is understanding that it’s not just the longevity of life that makes it precious, it’s the quality; as a clinician and a researcher, I strive to enhance treatment strategies to prolong my patients’ lives while minimizing their suffering and morbidity from the disease.