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Rheumatology Fellowship Video

Be sure to check out our Rheumatology Fellowship Program Video to learn what makes our training program uniquely suited to your needs and interests!


Ensuring you are well prepared…

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The UNC Rheumatology Fellowship Program provides a rich educational environment in which all participants actively share in our group’s collective expertise – as well as our passion for helping patients who need the high-quality care and compassionate support for which we are known.

We believe our approach makes us different, and we are proud that our sub-specialty fellows share this vision. From the beginning of their time with us, our rheumatology fellows are trained in the wide variety of skills needed to become independent consultants and primary providers for patients with all types of rheumatic diseases.

Those completing the program will be well prepared for positions in either clinical care or three physicians walk through a parking lot togetheracademic medicine. Specialized, advanced training is available for fellows with an interest in pursuing careers in clinical or basic research. Regardless of their focus, all fellows complete a rigorous program of didactic training and clinical experiences that include an outpatient continuity clinic, inpatient consultation services, and specialty rotations which are tailored to their individual interests.

Our program offers two tracks for trainees interested in a career in rheumatology:

  • The Clinical Track is an accredited ACGME (Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education) two-year program. Fellows completing this training will be board-eligible in rheumatology and fully prepared to enter clinical practice or a clinical career in academic medicine.
  • In addition to clinical training, fellows electing the Research Track will devote an additional year or more to complete a specialized, mentored research program. Our goal is to prepare interested fellows to become independent academic physician-scientists.

Combined training in Rheumatology and in Allergy and in Immunology is available to interested fellows who desire preparation for dual certification.