Snider lab pinpoints kinase important in the regulation of neurogenesis

November 10, 2009

In populating the growing brain, neural stem cells must strike a delicate balance between two key processes – proliferation, in which the cells multiply to provide plenty of starting materials – and differentiation, in which those materials evolve into functioning neurons. If the stem cells proliferate too much, they could grow out of control and … Continued

9/25/09: Zylka lab receives Transformative R01

September 25, 2009

Mark Zylka, assistant professor of cell and molecular physiology in the School of Medicine and a member of the UNC Neuroscience Center, has received a prestigious Transformative R01 from the NIH. The T-RO1, or “Transformative” RO1 program, new this year, is named for the institutes’ standard RO1 grants, but without the traditional budget cap or … Continued

8/28/09: Roberts first-author paper in Neuron featured in Faculty of 1000

August 28, 2009

Philpot lab postdoctoral fellow Adam Roberts’ first author publication featured in faculty of 1000. In an article published in the prestigious journal Neuron, Adam Roberts, other members of the Philpot lab, and their colleagues demonstrated that NR3A is an inhibitory regulator of synapse maturation and plasticity during early periods of brain development (link to article). … Continued

7/6/09: Zylka lab shows that a G protein-coupled receptor enhances excitability in pain-sensing neurons

July 6, 2009

In an article published in J. Neuroscience, Mark Zylka’s lab, in collaboration with labs at Caltech and the University of Pittsburgh, found that Mrgprd enhancesexcitability in nociceptive neurons. In addition, they found that Mrgprd molecularly marks a population of unmyelinated polymodal nociceptors. Polymodal nociceptors were first physiologically identified and studied thirty years ago by UNC … Continued

6/12/09: Zylka and Philpot lab members earn awards

June 12, 2009

Congratulations to Sarah Street, a postdoc from the Zylka lab and Hsien Sung-Huang, a postdoc from the Philpot lab for each receiving a NC TraC$10K Pilot Program award.  17 awards were made out of 70 applicants.  These appear to be the only two labs from a basic science department to receive this award.  All other awardees are affiliated with clinical … Continued

5/08/09: 9th Annual Perl/UNC Neuroscience Prize awarded to Michael Greenberg, PhD

May 8, 2009

The 9th Annual Perl/UNC Neuroscience Prize was awarded to Dr. Michael Greenberg from Harvard Medical School this past Wednesday, May 6th. Dean Roper presented Dr. Greenberg with the plaque and check. The title of Dr. Greenberg’s lecture was “Signaling Networks that Regulate Synapse Development and Cognitive Function.” More than 200 scientists were in attendance for … Continued