5/01/09: Anton lab discovers new mechanism of tangential migration

May 4, 2009

In the article in PNAS, Eva Anton’s laboratory describes how specific guidance mechanisms involving netrin-integrin interactions modulate distinct routes of interneuronal migration and the consequent positioning of groups of cortical interneurons in the developing cerebral cortex. The emerging evidence for interneuronal subtype–specific dysfunction in a variety of neurodevelopmental disorders highlights the importance of understanding the … Continued

4/09/09: Polleux lab published paper in Neuron

April 8, 2009

Dante Bortone and Franck Polleux are the lead authors on the paper titled “KCC2 expression promotes the termination of cortical interneuron migration in a voltage-sensitive calcium-dependent manner” that was published in Neuron. Proper development of cortical microcircuits requires the coordinated transition between neuronal migration and synaptogenesis for both excitatory pyramidal neuronsand inhibitory interneurons. The cellular and molecuar … Continued

2/01/09: UNC Neuroscience Center receives an Institutional Development Grant

February 1, 2009

Eva Anton is the PI of this grant The UNC Neuroscience Center received an Institutional Development Grant from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center to purchase an Olympus Fluoview FV1000-MPE multiphoton microscope for imaging the developing nervous system. Imaging the dynamics of neuronal development and differentiation in real time and in situ, at the systems, cellular, … Continued

12/16/08: Deshmukh lab identifies novel mechanism used by neurons to evade cell death

December 16, 2008

In a paper published in Nature Cell Biology, Allyson Vaughn and Mohanish Deshmukh have identified a strikingly similar mechanisms used by neurons and cancer cells to evade cell death. Neurons and cancer cells are very different by most criteria, yet have the common characteristic of extensively utilizing glucose. Here, we show that glucose metabolism (via … Continued

12/03/08: Core Facility upgrades

December 3, 2008

UNC Neuroscience Center is pleased to announce that the Confocal and Multiphoton Imaging Core has received a major upgrade with the installation of a new Olympus Confocal microscope. The Olympus FV1000 confocal microscope is specifically designed for long-term imaging of living neuronal tissue. It is equipped with a dedicated environmental system from Precision Plastics and … Continued

11/17/08: Snider lab publishes article in PNAS

November 18, 2008

  A large multi-institutional collaboration, including Dr. William Snider’s laboratory, published an article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science which identifies a critical component in the development of human syndromes involving craniofacial and cardiac defects. This work began by characterizing patients with craniofacial and cardiac abnormalities akin to those seen in DiGeorge/Velocardiofacial Syndrome. Interestingly, … Continued

Zylka lab publishes cover article in Neuron

October 23, 2008

Congratulations to Mark Zylka, Nate Sowa and Bonnie-Taylor Blake for publishing the cover article in the October 9 issue of Neuron (www.neuron.org). In their paper, they found the transmembrane isoform of Prostatic Acid Phosphatase (PAP) plays a critical role in pain mechanisms. PAP is expressed in pain-sensing neurons, encodes the classic histochemical marker known as … Continued