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Planning Your Project

There are several things to consider while planning your project including timeline and budget.

General considerations:

  • What mouse strain do you need?
  • How many mice do you need?
  • How many male mice are needed are need?  How old should they be?
  • How many female mice are needed?  How old should they be?
  • Will you be conducting microbial colonization?
  • If colonized, are the organisms aerobic, anaerobic or mixed?
  • Does your research require that your colony receive specific day-to-day or periodic treatments or manipulations?  For example: a special diet or stool collection.
  • How many isolators will you need for breeding and research?
  • Is there flexibility in any of the items listed above?


  • What is the availability of the mouse strain need for your research?  In general, for wild type mice, BALB//c and 129S6/SvEv are more readily available than C57BL/6.
  • What is the availability of isolator space?  This is dependent on the number of isolators needed and the length of time they will need to complete your research.


  • Please refer to our price list when preparing your budget as it includes, isolator fees, cage day per diem and the cost of technical time.
  • Think about the list of things to consider and complete the Request a New Project form so we can assist you with your project plan and help you meet your research objectives.