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Chelsea G. has worked hard to overcome every obstacle life puts in her way. She grew up in Wake County and has called Chapel Hill home for many years. During her formative years she experienced many difficulties. She turned to drugs to help ease the pain of life and its memories. Soon she found drugs were her best friend and then her only friend and coping mechanism. Over time, the drugs brought more pain than comfort, and Chelsea wanted a life of hope not despair.

Her quest for health and healing brought Chelsea to UNC Horizons. Today she is 28 years old and is the proud mother of Brie, age 2. Chelsea has completed the Horizons program, has a safe place to call home and has just been hired in a local restaurant. Thanks to the James Thompson Scholarship Fund for Academic Achievement at Horizons, Chelsea was able to overcome the significant barriers to enroll in Durham Tech and get her driver’s license back so she can now drive her car to her job and classes.

She aims to become a Certified Peer Support Specialist so that she can give back to others and help light the way of hope for recovery. What recovery looks like for Chelsea is that, “I get to be the mother I always wanted to be.  I have a real life now that is full of hope and the chance to be a productive member of society.”

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