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The Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine returned from the 40th annual Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine meeting with multiple awards, oral presentations and posters, and led many break-out sessions and courses for attendees.

Tracy Manuck, MD

Tracy Manuck, MD, associate professor, won the best concurrent oral presentation for prematurity with “Placental CpG methylation varies by extremely preterm birth (PTB) phenotype,” and Jasmine Johnson, MD, fellow, won the SMFM Award for the Best Research in Health Disparities with her project “Racial disparities in prematurity persist among women of high socioeconomic status.” Read more about Johnson’s project here:

Kate Menard, MD, Upjohn Distinguished Professor of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, co-led two break-out sessions for the President’s Workshop on Implementation Science, and Neeta Vora, MD, associate professor taught in the post-grad course, “The Completely Un-Routine: Sometimes Hoofbeats Really Are Zebras: Rare Maternal Diseases & Complex Fetal Syndromes – Their Diagnosis and Management.”

Manuck taught in “State of the Science Symposium – Multiomics: not just for research anymore,” and Elizabeth Stringer, MD, professor, led the course “African Coalition: Addressing Obstetrical Hemorrhage.”

Jasmine Johnson, MD.

Divya Mallampati, MD, fellow, was selected as the fellow member of the Foundation for SMFM, and incoming incoming faculty member, Johanna Quist-Nelson, MD, presented in “MED Talks – Brief, Focused Reviews of Hot MFM Topics.”

“This is what our UNC MFM team makes possible,” says Alison Stuebe, MD, MSc, professor and interim director of the division. “In the coming weeks, I look forward working together to expand the room for the extraordinary gifts of each member of our team.”

Orals authored or co-authored by UNC MFM team member

Kim Boggess
Performance of a proteomic preterm delivery predictor in a large independent prospective cohort
Enhanced preterm delivery predictors: verification in a large independent prospective cohort

Tracy Manuck
Placental CpG methylation varies by extremely preterm birth (PTB) phenotype

Jasmine Johnson, Tracy Manuck
Racial disparities in prematurity persist among women of high socioeconomic status (SES)

Alison Stuebe

Prenatal depression and anxiety is associated with Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal (HPA) axis dysregulation

Posters authored or co-authored by UNC team members

Alison M. Stuebe
Associations of postpartum depression symptoms and infant feeding with Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal (HPA) axis reactivity

Kartik K. Venkatesh, Robert Strauss, ,Kathryn Menard
Machine learning-based prediction models for postpartum hemorrhage

Carolyn Webster, Anne Honart, Tracy Manuck
Factors associated with rapid spontaneous preterm labor

Anne Honart, Tracy Manuck
Time to delivery after cervical cerclage removal

Jasmine Johnson, Tracy Manuck
Maternal or paternal race: which is most associated with a risk of prematurity?

Jasmine Johnson,Tracy Manuck
Racial disparities in preterm birth among women without significant medical or obstetric risk factors

Divya Mallampati
Twin vaginal deliveries in labor rooms: A cost-effectiveness analysis

William Goodnight
Does parity impact outcomes with open maternal-fetal surgery for myelomeningocele closure?

Asha N. Talati, Kartik K. Venkatesh
Patient decision aid for trial of labor after cesarean (TOLAC) versus planned repeat cesarean delivery (PRCD)

Asha N. Talati, Kelly L. Gilmore, Emily Hardisty, Neeta L. Vora
Impact of prenatal exome-sequencing (ES) for fetal diagnosis on maternal psychological outcomes: a prospective cohort

Tracy Manuck, Carolyn Webster
Association between revised ACC/AHA hypertension classification and placentally mediated pregnancy complications

Alison M. Stuebe
Maternal psychiatric history modifies associations between oxytocin and maternal-infant interaction,

Asha N. Talati, Tracy Manuck
OB/GYN resident and MFM fellow trainee surgical participation and transvaginal cervical cerclage outcomes

Tracy Manuck, Jasmine Johnson
Racial disparities in preeclampsia and growth restriction persist among women of high socioeconomic status (SES)

Tracy Manuck
Maternal genotype varies by delivery gestational age

Kim Boggess
The association between intrapartum maternal glycemic control and neonatal hypoglycemia

Kelly L. Gilmore, Neeta L. Vora
Novel sequencing-based framework for non-invasive fetal genotyping

William Goodnight
Perinatal outcomes after fetal resuscitation during fetal MMC closure

Alison M. Stuebe
Early identification of women likely to be high utilizers of perinatal acute care services

Carolyn Webster, Alison M. Stuebe
Changing the as-needed opioid medication order to reduce opioid consumption after cesarean delivery

Alison M. Stuebe
Differences in postpartum receipt of long-acting reversible contraception by sociodemographic characteristics

Neeta L. Vora, Kim Boggess
Diet-induced obesity aggravates preeclampsia-like phenotypes in ASB4-null mice

Kartik K. Venkatesh
Histopathologic chorioamnionitis and risk of neurodevelopmental impairment at age 10 years among extremely preterm infants

Tracy Manuck
Cervical length in women with congenital uterine anomalies

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