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Why Choose CenteringPregnancy® at UNC?

CenteringPregnancy® group prenatal care is one of the methods of prenatal care offered at UNC OB-GYN, specifically through the UNC Midwives practice. We started this program in 2015, and we’ve seen great growth and success as more women choose this way to receive their prenatal care. At UNC OB/GYN & Midwifery, we love happy moms and healthy babies! The CenteringPregnancy® model has proven to provide both, with 100% of our patients surveyed reporting satisfaction with their care and only 3% born before 37 weeks of gestation.

In the CenteringPregnancy® model, pregnant women are grouped by due date and receive care together throughout their pregnancies. Patients have individual assessments such as weight, blood pressure and routine labs as they would at a one-on-one prenatal visit. After, they spend the rest of the meeting reviewing a wide variety of educational content including information on breastfeeding, labor preparation, parenting, stress reduction, nutrition and more. Women learn from one another’s questions and experiences and friendships develop that last well beyond pregnancy.

In January 2017, our program received official site approval from the Centering® Healthcare Institute, which means our practice adheres to the CenteringPregnancy® model and is on the track for longtime sustainability.

If you’re pregnant or planning a pregnancy and interested in this model of care, call our CenteringPregnancy® Coordinator at 984-215-6444, or speak with your UNC Midwife.

Learn More about CenteringPregnancy® at UNC

CenteringPregnancy® sessions

The CenteringPregnancy® session schedule is the same as one-on-one care. Groups meet monthly for the first 5 sessions and then every two weeks for a total of 10 sessions and a reunion is scheduled once everyone in the group has delivered. Occasionally, holidays will require that we make a change to the intervals.

All CenteringPregnancy® groups meet in a spacious conference room at the Weaver Crossing clinic in Chapel Hill and at Panther Creek clinic in NW Cary for 2 hour sessions. 

A typical CenteringPregnancy® session schedule:

  • During the first 30 or so minutes participants will take their own blood pressure and weight (after instruction) and then have an individual assessment by a midwife to measure fundal height and listen to the baby’s heartbeat.
  • During this time, participants enjoy time to socialize.
  • After the individual assessments, the group meets in a circle and we discuss a variety of educational topics pertinent to where participants are in their pregnancy. We can discuss whatever is most important to the group.

Topics include:

  • childbirth preparation
  • nutrition, breastfeeding
  • mental health
  • common discomforts in pregnancy. 

Sometimes we have guest speakers come for the end of the session including: yoga instructors, doulas, lactation consultants, pelvic health specialists, psychiatrists and pediatricians. We can tailor the educational topics to what the group wants to know! We have fun!

Routine prenatal Care:

  • Routine prenatal labs can be drawn before, during or after CenteringPregnancy® sessions.
  • Ultrasounds are typically performed off site at tone of our ultrasound clinic locations, but can be ordered during a CenteringPregnancy® session.
What if I cannot attend all the planned CenteringPregnancy® sessions?
If you know that you will miss a scheduled CenteringPregnancy® session, you can schedule a traditional one-on-one visit around the same time to take its place. If you know that you will miss numerous sessions, it may make more sense to do one-on-one care.
What if I have a problem between scheduled sessions?
We will be happy to see you in clinic for a problem visit between CenteringPregnancy® sessions.
Does CenteringPregnancy® cost additional money?
No. CenteringPregnancy® sessions are billed the same way as traditional one-on-one visits. Therefore, no additional fees are charged above whatever you would pay for routine prenatal care. If you have any questions about your insurance benefits or billing, please ask to speak to a financial counselor.
Will I meet all the midwives if I do CenteringPregnancy® ?
Possibly… We try to have the same midwife and nurse co-facilitate all 10 of the group’s sessions. However, there are often instances when the midwife is unable to be at a session due to educational conferences or vacation. When this happens, one of the other midwives will substitute. Many patients also meet another midwife at an individual visit if they are having a problem between sessions or if they cannot attend a scheduled CenteringPregnancy® session. CenteringPregnancy® patients have reported that when they have a midwife at their birth with whom they have not met prior to the delivery, they are so happy with the experience of CenteringPregnancy® and felt they have bonded quickly with the midwife who is there at their birth.
CenteringPregnancy® Requirements
We encourage patients to bring their partner or support person to sessions, however, we do not have childcare available. We ask that you do not bring other children with you in order for you to enjoy this time without distractions. We asked that everyone wears masks during CenteringPregnancy® sessions.


Program Leads/Our Team

For a complete list of providers, visit our Midwifery team page.