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2016 Admissions Dates & Information

This year’s BBSP recruitment will take place over 6 weekends. Each weekend starts on a Thursday afternoon and runs through Saturday afternoon. Interviews are on Fridays.

Jan 27-29

Feb 3-5

Feb 10-12

Feb 17-19

Feb 24-26

Mar 3-5

For more information about the three recruiting themes NCGC, Pathogenesis and Quantitative click here.

Scheduling Interviews

BBSP collects information about your schedule for interview days (Friday of each interview weekend) using a survey tool accessible on this page. We will begin taking availability information in December and you will receive an email when the survey is open. You can enter your information one time only. After this you must contact us directly to make changes to your availability. You can email any time with questions about this process.

Click here* for the Faculty Interview Site.

To decide which weekends best fit your interests, please read this overview of the BBSP recruiting themes.

A note about the interview: Each and every year applicant feedback confirms that the ability to interview with faculty of choice and the quality of the interactions in those interviews are significant factors in applicants’ decisions about whether to come to UNC for their graduate studies. For this reason it is critical that BBSP faculty participate actively in the recruiting weekends. The best way to get exposure to potential students is to make yourself available for interviews. The best way to make a good impression on students is to keep those interview appointments and be a welcoming host. We primarily base our scheduling on student requests so if you have an interview with someone who hasn’t done research in your field, the student is probably interested in trying out new areas while they are in graduate school. If you find that you and the student don’t have much in common, you can always talk about the research environment at UNC or about Chapel Hill. Remember, not only are we interviewing the students – they are interviewing us!

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Statistics and summaries from past admissions cycles

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